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Fire Alarm System and Accessories

Series 65

The series 65 range of conventional detectors incorporates well-proven sensing technologies are used on small-to-medium sized systems, such as small industrial units, shop units, and guesthouses.
Product Type:
• Series 65 Ionisation Smoke Detector
• Series 65 Optical Smoke Detector
• Series 65 Heat Detector

Series 65 features
• Wide operating voltage
• Advanced electronic technology
• Flashing LED option
• The range of bases available
• Can be used on security systems
• Proven detection performance
• Designed to meet approvals worldwide.

Series XP95

The XP95 range of analog addressable fire detectors uses tried and trusted technology to give the best performance. As it operates using digital communication, XP95 has a high immunity from corruption, therefore, often preferred in a large system where life safety is critical. XP95 products are frequently used in commercial, industrial, financial, government, IT/telecoms hospitality, and healthcare applications.

Product Type:
• XP95 Ionisation Smoke Detector
• XP95 Optical Smoke Detector
• XP95 Heat Detector
• XP95 Multi sensor Detector
• XP95 Sounder VAD Base with Isolator

XP95 features
• Digital Protocol for error-free transmission
• Alarm Flag for fast alarm reporting
• Alarm Address for fast location of an alarm
• Automatic addressing with the patented XPERT card
• Electronics-free, easy fit base
• Ease of installation
• The wide range of compatible interface units
• The wide range of compatible panels
• Compatible with Series 90
• Elegant, unobtrusive design
• The wide range of products
• Great flexibility in system design

Analogues Addressable Fire Panel

DX Connexion panel Series:

The Morley-IAS DX Connexion panel is ideally suited for use in the protection of small to medium-sized buildings. All in all, a compact, high performance, feature rich, economical fire alarm control panel designed to help both the installer and the end user.

• Single Loop Control Panel
• Two Loop Loop Control Panel
• Four Loop Control Panel

A range of intelligent fire alarm panels designed around proven and reliable microprocessor technology, which has produced a modular, scalable fire alarm platform for protecting all types of premises. Intuitive to use and easy to install, network, configure, maintain and expand


ZX1Se single loop control panel
Single loop control panel. 230Vac, 2 sounder circuits, 4 line display, and networking capability
ZX2Se 1-2 loop control panel
230Vac, 2 sounder circuits, 4 line display, and networking capability. 400 x 400 x 135mm (H x W x D)
ZX5Se 1-5 loop control panel
230Vac,4 sounder circuits, 4 line display, and networking capability. 6 Amp PSU with 460mA loop capability 500 x 500 x 195mm (H x W x D)


New mechanical platform with revolutionary chamber offering improved false alarm immunity, improved detection across multiple fire types and improved resilience to false alarms through the dust.
Available with or without single pole short circuit isolation with status control through the Series 200 Advanced protocol.


• Low profile optical smoke sensor.
• Multi-Sensor Combined Optical Smoke Sensor
• Multi-Sensor Combined Optical Smoke Sensor and Thermal Sensor c/w Isolator
• Heat Sensor 58 °C and Rate of Rise


Addressable Manual Call Point. Glass element included. Requires SR1T for surface mounting or a single gang back box for flush mounting.
– Unique Plug and Play
– Anti-tamper facility
– Enhanced aesthetics and compact design

Manual Call Point MCP5A range
Addressable Waterproof Call Point
Manual Call Point Hinged Cover
Single terminal surface back box for call points


DRM-1. MI-DRS1BS7273 part 4 2007 is the code of practice governing door holders and door release mechanisms. The DRM-1 module has been designed for use in conjunction with the existing output module and wider fire system to meet the requirements of section 5 of BS7273-4 Category An installations.

Two options available:
• DRM-1 BS7273 Door Release Module
• MI-DRS-1 BS7273 Door Release System (comprising of a DRM-1door release module and MI-DCMO single output model prewired and
Mounted in an SMB6-V0 surface mount box)


Analogue addressable, loop powered, audible visual evacuation devices, provide a comprehensive selection of products designed to meet the majority of fire alarm installation requirements.

Wall mounting, addressable, loop powered sounder EN54-3 approved with RED beacon, RED, with built-in loop isolation. Featuring fast and simple installation and control the wall mount sounder/beacon is powered by the fire panel via the loop wiring. Control of the devices is enabled using onboard switches or via the digital protocol using the control panel.

This is not approved to EN54-23 (Visual Alarm Device) and must not be used as a visual alarm device to provide a primary warning notification of fire.

Hochiki’s comprehensive ESP intelligent (Analogue Addressable range) is suitable for even the most demanding environments and incorporates high-performance sensors, a wide selection of input and output modules and ancillaries. All products use Hochiki’s high integrity digital communications link ‘ESP’ (Enhanced Systems Protocol) that are at the heart of the ESP range.

Foremost in the range is the ALN-EN Photoelectric Smoke Detector. Utilising Hochiki’s high performance, flat response chamber technology, it provides a high level of false alarm immunity whilst maintaining a superior fire detection capability. • A comprehensive range of Input and Output interfaces covers all of the normal integration requirements, from connecting an existing conventional zone to shutting down smoke dampers, closing fire doors and preventing the use of elevators.
• Interfaces have multiple Input / Output functionality. However, they only take up a single loop address.
Loop powered sounders and beacons can also provide considerable savings through the reduction of installation costs. These devices consume exceptionally low levels of electrical current and maximize the loop’s capacity. Designed to exceed the demands of the standard to provide the ultimate in flexibility.

The ESP range is adaptable to a broad range of environments and applications. From small to very large areas, the range can be utilized to fit almost any particular environment. Below are some examples of where the ESP intelligent range is particularly effective:
• Schools & Universities
• Multiple Occupancy Accommodation
• Hospitals
• Care Homes
• Office Buildings
• Airports
• Rail / Tube Stations
• Waiting Rooms
• Hotels
• Retail Units
• Super Markets

We are known across India for our strong technical support, dependability in adhering to delivery schedules and sound after-sales service. A number of Other international companies we are representing in India namely:-
• Notifier U.S.A by Honeywell with their addressable Fire Alarm Systems & Smoke Control Stations,
• Morley IAS by Honeywell with their addressable Fire Alarm Systems.
• System Sensor by Honeywell with their Smoke Detectors & Water Flow Switches
• Tyco With their UL & FM approved sprinklers.
• Hochiki’s Japan
• Apollo UK