Home Automation

Today technology has become an integrated part of people’s lives. It has influenced many aspects of daily life & has allowed better social interaction, ease of transportation etc. Home automation or sensible home may be delineated as the introduction of technology within the home atmosphere to provide ease & protection to its occupants. By using the technology of internet of Things, the examination & execution of home automation has got an additional average.

Home Automation Solution addresses Safety, Security, Comfort, Convenience, Energy Efficiency and Entertainment to enhance the living experience for residents in Apartments and Villas.

Home Automation gives you remote and automatic control of a wide array of devices in your home.

Safety Detector: Smoke and Gas Leak sensors trigger local alarms and Smart App notification. They can also be monitored centrally for entire buildings.

Security: Door intrusion, glass break, panic buttons, key fobs and beam detectors trigger local alarms and Smart App notifications. They can also be monitored centrally for entire buildings.

Energy Efficiency: Wireless Motion Sensors and Lux (daylight) Sensors can be used in Kitchens, Bathrooms, Balconies, Passageways, Stairways and more to ensure that lights or exhaust fans are turned on/off when needed based on movement and presence.

Our strategy for energy consumption reduction focuses on eliminating sources of energy waste; Providing centralized control of all existing switches & devices; And live to monitor of all energy consuming assets. The sensors are wireless and leave the aesthetics of finished spaces completely intact while eliminating wastage of all lights, fans, and Air Conditioning. Our Smart Apps and hardware enable control of all switches and Air Conditioners across a building providing total central control, scheduling and monitoring of your power usage.

Centralize all Air Conditioning & Lighting: Air Conditioning and Lighting are the top consumers of power in any building space. Centralized control and monitoring of these can help in many ways to reduce consumption. Their operation can be scheduled, for Air Conditioning certain temperature values can be set, malfunction or non-operation of Air Conditioners can be detected. Centralizing results in better control and oversight and reduces power consumption.

Monitoring Smart Energy Meters, Diesel Generator (DG) Sets & Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS): Monitor Smart Energy Meters to see energy consumption dynamically via Smart App for most 3rd party Smart Energy meters. Monitor status of DG sets fuel tanks and UPS batteries.

Product Overall View:

  • Convert your home into “Smart Home”
  • Remote Control over smartphones and tablets through Wi-Fi & Internet.
  • Control Lighting, Fan, AC, Curtains, Door lock etc.
  • Energy savings up to 60%.
  • Mood lighting, dynamic ambiance creation & sensors controlling.
  • Time based Automatic scheduling control.
  • Programming through Smart Phone Configurator App.
  • Simple in installation, easy in operation & Programmable.
  • Retrofit-100% compatible with existing wiring.

Product Engineering & Innovations:

  • IOT based wireless technology, control through Wi-Fi & Internet anytime anywhere on the cloud.
  • Two Independent Channel integrated into one module
  • Basic Control ON/OFF, Additional Dimming Control.
  • Wired and Wireless Connectivity for Control and Configuration, Wi-Fi and Wired communication protocol
  • Wi-Fi Direct as well as Cloud-Based Connectivity to Control from Anywhere.
  • Backlight led indication for locating buttons in the dark, Programmable backlight LED intensity to suit your need.
  • Stylish, Innovative, Modular and Compact design
  • Short Circuit Protection through on-device protection.

Features & Benefits